TeleSense App

Every purchase of the TeleSense Cellular Spear also includes a yearly renewable software subscription which includes the features below. Your subscription starts on the day you receive your spear and set it up on your TS App account and costs €60/year/spear. You will have the option of renewing it at the end of the year.

The engine that makes TeleSense the most powerful grain monitoring solution in the market. The TeleSense App utilizes machine learning algorithms to detect and mitigate potential grain storage problems such as hotspots, excess moisture and pests. A glance at the intuitively designed interface will let you know if your entire operation is running smoothly. You can quickly find any storage issues, identify the cause and act accordingly.  

  •  Access to storage data 24/7
  •  A complete view of all your storage units, at once 
  •  Integrated machine learning and data analytics  
  •  3D visualization of your storage unit  
  •  In-app sensor placement 
  •  App alerts for high-risk storage conditions
  •  Recommendations for bin fan operation and grain moisture management