Welcome to the TeleSense, Europe store

Welcome to the TeleSense Store

Maximize the value of your stored commodity

TeleSense® provides remote solutions for commodity storage and transportation monitoring. Our products use wireless sensors for temperature and humidity monitoring. The TeleSense App allows you to access this data from anywhere.  Farmers growing seeds, grain, cereal and potatoes/onions all benefit from these easy to use, portable standalone products that use cellular connectivity to send the data continuously.

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Temperature and EMC monitoring. Receive SMS alerts form the TS App when values exceed parameters set by you

Monitor stationary storage units such as open floor storage, grain bags, bunkers, warehouses, and crates

Monitor storage units in transit, such as barges or railcars (location tracking included)    

Obtain 3D view of your storage unit

Ideal for corn, wheat, soybeans, barley, and rice, potatoes, hay, alfalfa, and seeds   


Multiple temperature and humidity sensors and a 1 year rechargeable battery life


For monitoring open floor storages, warehouses and silo bags

Telesense CellSpear

TeleSense CellularSpears

CellularSpears make commodity monitoring easier than ever before, by eliminating the need for a gateway device. Just insert these outdoor-ready spears into your commodity and start collecting temperature, moisture, and location data from anywhere with a cellular data signal.

Ideal for monitoring larger, more commercial sized flat storage units, piles and warehouses

TeleSense GatewaySpear

TeleSense GatewaySpear

The TeleSense GatewaySpear uses a LoraWAN network to transmit temperature and humidity data to the cloud using a gateway and make it accessible via the TS App. It is ideal for locations with pre-installed internet infrastructure.


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